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Cable television and internet access in Port Ludlow is provided by Wave (formerly Boadstripe, formerly Millennium Digital Media).


Port Ludlow residents receive their electrical power from Public Utility District 1 jeffpub (Puget Sound Power was voted out a couple years ago).

Internet Access

In addition to the large national and regional internet service providers, Port Ludlow residents can purchase internet access from any of several local firms.

Broadband: see cable above
DSL: via phone, see below

The following local ISPs providers are commonly used for email services, some forms of broadband, incl. partnership with Qwest for dsl.

Olypen 360-683-1456 or 800-303-8696
OlympusNet 360-385-0464 or 800-896-1751
Waypoint Communications 360-385-6003 or 800-300-0134


Land line phone service is provided by CenturyLink (formerly Qwest)

Many Port Ludlow residents chose Verizon for their cell service, but you may wish to shop around to find the service that best meets your needs.

Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204


If your home uses propane gas, you can either purchase the tank and fill it yourself, or you can rent a tank and contract with the supplier of your choice. There are several to chose from. The following firms are some of the more commonly used propane providers as of this writing, other good options also exist.

Mountain Propane 360-385-6883
Sunshine Propane 360-385-5797

If you add propane to your home, it is imporant to be aware of the DCCR's which govern your neighborhood. You probably need to select a location for the tank which minimizes it's visibility to the neighbors, and in most cases, you need to get approval from your homeowners association's architectural review committee.


The vast majority of the homes in the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort are served by Olympic Water and Sewer. However, not all of Port Ludlow is. There are some homes in the master planned resort that are on septic. Homes which are not hooked up to the Olympic Water and Sewer system have their own individual sewage treatment systems.

See "water" below for the contact information; water and sewer service are bundled in Port Ludlow.

In it's May 28, 2008 issue the Port Townsend Leader reported that Olympic Water & Sewer was honored with the 2007 Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant award from the Washington State Department of Ecology, and that the Port Ludlow facility is one of only 78 plants out of 300 statewide to achieve full compliance, according to the DOE. The sewage treatment plant is located between the south end of Condon Lane and the basketball courts on the north side of the Admiralty Condominiums.

Trash & Recycling

Port Ludlow residents contract for their weekly trash pickup on an individual basis. To the best of our knowledge, Murray's Disposal is the only contractor who will pick up in Port Ludlow. Murray's is willing to accommodate snowbirds so you can easily stop and start your trash service if you travel or if Port Ludlow is not your full time home. Their customer service is't the frriendliest but they do attempt to keep priced down even though they have a sort of monopoly unless you want to haul your own trash to the dump

Murray's Disposal
360-385-6612 from Jefferson County
360-452-7278 from Clallam County
800-422-7854 from all other areas

If you do not wish to pay for trash service, you can haul your own trash up to the transfer station just outside Port Townsend. There is a fee for dropping off anything other than green waste. See Jefferson County's page on Solid Waste for more information. Shorts farm in Chimacum is now accepting green waste from Port Ludow. It must meet certain requirements (they use it to make magic dirt) and you need to call ahead but it's closer and cheaper than the county.

Murray's also offers regular curbside pickups for recyclables. If you prefer to take care of your own recycling, there are self serve recycling bins in the Port Ludlow Village Center which accept most of the common items such as newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, tin, glass, & plastics. The self-serve recycling bins just off the highway near Poulsbo will accept all these items plus additional items such scrap metal and old shoes.

A wonderful local resident, Kate Madson, maintains an informational page called "Living with Less" as a service to the community. This document offers tips on how to downsize and/or dispose of various items from appliances to yard debris. This publication is available from local libraries, as an insert in the Port Ludlow Voice periodically, and online courtesy of the Port Ludlow Village Council.

Green Waste

Murrey's Disposal provides a green waste pickup service.

Jefferson County residents can drop off their own yard waste at the transfer station on Jacob Miller road just outside Port Townsend. In the spring, the resulting compost is available for sale. The yard debris drop off is no longer free. The cost is based on weight, with a minimum charge of $5 per load. The $5 charge is for $200 pounds or less of yard debris (more than you can possibly haul in the back of a jeep). Small tree branches are allowed, but they have a maximum diameter, so if you are planning to take up big items, you probably want to check on the most current rules (360-385-3194 or http://solidwaste.wordpress.com/3-recycling-services/compost-facility/ note: their website isn't always up to date, calling the scale house is recommended).

Each spring and each fall the Port Ludlow North Bay Lot Owners Association (LOA) conducts a clean sweep in the North Bay area as a service to members. Volunteers come by one Saturday in May and October and pick up bagged yard waste and bundled tree limbs. The date is published in advance in the Port Ludlow Voice. In spring 2008, the LOA requested that homeowners start putting their bagged yard waste in the recyclable bags which are available from hardware stores. The volunteers who pick it up ask you to please not make those bags too heavy... we know they are big bags but please don't pretend like you're a trash compacter in order to get your full money's worth out of them; we're not spring chickens either


Water in for the vast majority of the homes in Port Ludlow is provided by Olympic Water & Sewer, Inc. The following excerpts are from the Water Quality Annual Report for the Calendar Year 2006 (as distributed to the homeowners). If you want more information, view the Washington UTC site.

"Where does your [Port Ludlow] water come from? We [Olympic Water & Sewer, Inc.] currently pump water from five ground water wells ranging in depth from 200-500 feet. Well Nos. 2, 3, and 4N are in the area of Walker Way and Talbot Way. Well Nos 13 and 14 are off Teal Lake Road just north of Teal Lake. A new Well No. 16 in that same area has worked its way through the various approvals and construction and will be put into use in Summer 2007. All of the wells are protected by a "Wellhead Protection Plan" that restricts activities that may pose contamination risks."

"The quality of the water delivered to Port Ludlow remains very good. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) prescribe regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. The water delivered to your homes and businesses meets all of the standards for the Primary, or health-related standards with the exception of Well No. 14 which exceeds new limits set for arsenic. Please see additional arsenic information on the back of the report and our plan for lowering the arsenic level of the water." [note: former limit was 50 parts per billion (ppb), current limit is 10 ppb, water from well #14 tested at 12 ppb, request a full copy of the report from Olympic Water & Sewer for more information]

"Secondary Standards. While not required by the EPA in this report, please note that the Secondary, aesthetic related standard for manganese is exceeded at Wells 13 and 14 (and the future Well 16). Manganese is not a health concern but can be a nuisance as it can stain plumbing fixtures."

Olympic Water & Sewer
70 Breaker Lane
Port Ludlow, WA 98365
360-437-2101 during normal business hours
360-385-1803 for emergencies


Many homes in Port Ludlow use wood as a secondary source of heat. Pellet stoves and cast iron stoves or fireplace inserts that burn logs are both popular. If your home uses logs or pellets, you purchase the fuel as an individual from the supplier of your choice. They are mainly located in Clallam and Kitsap counties, and there are many to chose from. Just like propane tanks, you need to keep your woodpile in a location that can be landscaped to camouflage it from the street and your neighbors' windows.

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